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2019-12-04 00:47:07

Dawn Crutchfield Board is organizing this fundraiser.

Company Motto:“Creatively serving those inspired to transform the world.” I’ve been volunteering since I was 13 years old.  I also like being creative and working with computers. A gene that I got from my father, although I couldn’t get past Cobalt programming. Haha But through my years of volunteering, I have helped organizations with graphic designs, and website creations, among other things. I try to be a very positive person and I used to write a blog Inspired Daily (inspireddaily.net), in which I found ways to be inspired by something on a daily basis.I’m very passionate about being an advocate for those that are under-served, underappreciated, disenfranchised and don’t feel they have a voice in matters that involve their quality of life. So, in short, I’m very motivated in helping those to help themselves, and doing it in a creative, compassionate way.  I also have a heart for children because I feel like I’m a kid at heart and often they are negatively affected by the choices of adults.I spent 19 years in Human Resources and changed careers about five years ago into IT, as a business analyst/project manager. HR no longer gave the since of job satisfaction in the things that mattered to me.  In my career I’ve worked in corporate, non-profit, and public industries.  I found working in non-profit and public arenas were the most rewarding. In 2017, I had some life changes that I call “escaping the dollhouse”.  It was an awakening for me.  I got back in touch with myself and decided to do something I had never thought I could do on my own, start a business.  And with that, I launched Inspired Daily Designs, LLC.  I blended my love of advocacy with my creative side, and launched a website development and social media management business.The opportunities for my business:· Its specifically for non-profits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in which there is a large market for.· Because of my background in HR and IT business analysis/project management, my business is more of an IT business consulting firm, that designs an online presence to increase the organizations goals and objectives.· My niche is needed because many small businesses and organizations that do more education and awareness verses profit, don’t have the resources to build and maintain a website that meets their organizational needs or keep up with the social media audience.· My business builds in analytics, so my clients can see how their website and social media channels are working for them. This will increase their changes receiving grants they may apply for, because they can show proof of their efforts.· My partnership with an IT Distributor firm, and my IT background allows me to assess my clients’ total IT needs, such as storage, unified communications, and disaster recovery plans, and help them find a vendor to provide that technology.  In these situations, I serve as the IT project manager to ensure that the product is implemented successfully. Kind of a 1-stop shop for IT.·My partnership with the IT Distributor allows me to keep my costs low and reasonable for a small businesses or non-profits.The challenges of my business:· Helping organizations see the value of using my services verses using a DIY service, such as Wix. ·My current laptop is outdated, slow, and falling apart.  It overheats, and the battery falls out, so I have it taped up.  When it overheats the tape gets loose and sticky.·To cost to increase memory and storage will be just as expensive, if not more, than purchasing a new one.  In addition, my laptop is a PC, which is not industry standard.·With a slow laptop, I can only serve a small number of clients.The donations raised will be to acquire:·A Macbook Pro laptop with 16GB for memory, which is industry standard.  This will allow me to assist more small businesses and non-profits with their IT needs.· 10 – 15 iPads to start my InspiredKids Coding Camp for elementary students in under-served areas.

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