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2019-12-04 00:56:54

“Hire character. Train skill.” — Peter Schutz

Having started as a freelance graphic designer in 2005 and having been involved in hiring other creative freelancers in the process, I see your pain. Some designers may look promising with kick-ass portfolio, but half the time, they don’t seem to interpret correctly what exactly you want them to design.

With the experience of being a designer myself, I realised the best way to hire the right person to fill in any creative position goes beyond just looking at one’s portfolio and talent.

As of writing, I am building and growing my design team to make sure our team can handle an influx of new customers while maintaining our service quality. Hence, I’ve documented a series of steps I have taken to find the right designers for the team.

I found success with a few designers on board and will be doubling down on the same steps to grow the team.

Here are the 9 steps:

1. Craft your values

Be crystal clear on your core values before hiring, at least create an honest list of what you stand for. It’s okay if your values change along the way. What’s important is you have a set of beliefs that sets you apart.

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

The right creative person to another company may not be right to you if your values don’t align. As Ray Dalio says,

What’s most important is determining whether you and they are working toward the same goals and can work in the same ways and share the same values.”

At MeetAnders, we believe we can train our designers. At the minimum, it’s a basic requirement that they need to know how to use the software we are using and an eye for design. But they don’t have to be world-class at such things because we believe these can be learned.

We also have in place a training system to upgrade a designer’s level in design, business and personal development. What we are looking for are designers with a world-class attitude and character who are willing to work hand-in-hand with our customers.

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