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2019-12-04 01:15:35

The U.S. solar industry (NYSEARCA:TAN) has lost 62K new jobs and $19B in investments because of the Trump administration's tariffs on imported panels imposed nearly two years ago, according to a new report from the U.S. Solar Industries Association.

The SEIA report comes ahead of a Thursday meeting at the International Trade Commission that could decide whether Pres. Trump makes changes to or even cancels the four-year tariff that was imposed in early 2018.

Solar was the first industry to be hit with this administration’s tariff policy, and now we're feeling the impacts that we warned against two years ago, says SEIA President Abigail Ross Hopper.

Despite the tariffs, global panel prices have continued to fall due to an oversupply in top producer China, while U.S. prices are among the highest in the world for solar, according to the report.

Potentially relevant tickers include FSLR, SPWR, VSLR, SEDG, ENPH, RUN, CSIQ, JKS, TERP

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