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2019-12-04 01:18:30

If you are lucky enough to have a job in Calgary, then the company you are working with has survived Calgary’s cruel climate. This on-going climate is producing a high stress response in many employees due to so many unknowns that their company is dealing with….keep the lights on and hold onto any control they may have.

I like to imagine the companies that employ you are human, so I apply human characteristics to connect the relationships between you and the company, building the bond and understanding one relies on the other to not only survive but thrive. Often, the employees are the heart of the company and the company is the body with many arms busy multi-tasking to produce, sell, manage, provide and most of all juggle. Together, the heart and the body have to create a vested interest in encouraging an environment of wellness while it prioritizes stress reduction, physical and mental health to optimize performance.

The foundation of wellness, in people and corporations comes from jointly committing to values around assessment, prevention and contribution – align these three values and a culture that nurtures the heart and body will be created. Simply put, an investment in the wellness of people is the most important asset to a company’s longevity.

We can help foster this relationship, boost morale and create the foundation of wellness!

Assessment – How is the pulse? A major concern in this economy is short and long-term disability claims, mostly due to stress-related illnesses and mental health. It is everyone’s responsibility to support wellness programs and build a routine that supports activities that build a strong foundation.

Prevention – If you have a pulse, how can we slow it down without decreasing performance?  Our heart rate can increase during periods of long term stress. Often it comes back to normal when the perceived stress is managed. Providing 15 minutes during the day to reflect, restore and re-balance is one way to refocus energy to become increasingly engaged.

Contribution – We believe a healthy heart creates a healthy body, but how does a company contribute to the product pumping employee? A wellness plan is an investment in the company’s most vital asset – the people. Providing access to seated massage during the work day is one simply way to contribute to a wellness culture.

An engaged team and strong culture of wellness doesn’t just happen. You need to first make wellness available to everyone, value the experience and then build upon the knowledge you gain from your choice to participate. Once there is a culture that is supported, the talent stays because your company has a strong focus on people.

Many types of companies, IT, law offices, accountants, architectural firms, marketing firms, schools, departments at the city, communications, service based, manufacturing and co-work spaces offer chair massage as a benefit to building a wellness culture. Our chair massage is different than a table massage, you do not undress and no oil is used during this 15 minute, seated, pressure point style treatment. The massage is invigorating and leaves you calm, not sleepy. The specially designed chair we use, creates perfect posture for treating the neck, upper and lower back and sometimes the arms and hands. This massage is best in a closed, quiet office but has the same benefits if offered in a common space, this can also create an open shared experience for all to understand.

Some of the benefits:

- Lowers anxiety

- Increases circulation

- Boosts immune system

- Lowers blood pressure

- Relieves muscle pains and headaches

- Decreases stress

- Improves sleep quality

- Generates more flexibility

In a climate that needs cost effective gifts, giving the gift of time to receive well-being is priceless!Preferred Clinic Prices for Corporations focused on People

Seated chair massage in your office can create credibility and trust when looking for a massage therapy clinic. Apex Massage Therapy offers preferred rates to your employees, helping extend benefits while providing massage with a registered massage therapist. Please send Sharan a note (bookings@apexmassage.com) if you are interested in arranging a preferred rate or creating a wellness culture including seated massage.

Shelly MacGregor 

Shelly MacGregor is the Owner of Apex Massage Therapy Ltd. and the Founder of Spagoes and Spa 901 in Fernie BC

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